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Ballasted Systems

Ballasted Solar Systems

Solar Nation’s SolarRidge® Ground-Mounted Ballasted Racking is anchored by weight placed in racking ballast trays. Our Ground-Mounted Ballasted Racking is the ideal solution for property with poor soil composition and minimal load capacity.

Ground Mount Ballasted
  • Ideal for landfills, brownfields, wetlands, superfund sites, and other properties where ground penetrations aren’t feasible due to soil quality or composition
  • No drilling or digging, saving time and money
  • Designed for fast installation—lower overall turnkey price
  • Flexible design that can accommodate uneven terrain
  • Custom tailored to meet site-specific geotechnical and meteorological requirements, including high winds and other severe weather
  • Option of either 10 or 20 degree tilt designs, improving production
  • Easy to relocate, remove, and repair Low profile design can be hidden behind fencing and landscaping
  • Designed to conceal and protect all wiring and connections throughout the array
  • Designed and assembled using quality materials that inhibit corrosion and have 50-plus years of proven performance.
  • Warranted against structural failure, rupture, perforation, and corrosion


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