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The Subscriber Team will be in charge of lining up energy subscriber for the community-scale solar array. These can either be individual households, nonprofits, commercial establishments, of government agency. Depending on your state, these subscriber will generally fall into the following categories:

1) Host Subscriber: This is typically a large store onnt to whose rooftop or property the shared community solar array is placed on. In addition to being the “host“ and benefiting from lease payments from the project, the host also has the option to enter into a long term agreement to purchase a portion of the output from the solar array for it’s own energy use.

2) Cash Subscriber: These subscriber will actually be purchasing a portion of the solar array directly using cash or their own financing means. They will get credits from the utility company for their portion of the array ownership. By becoming part of the community solar, there participants are able to take advantage of the economies of scale made possible by being part of the community solar array as well as benefit from direct ownership where they otherwise not be able to (because they don’t have access to adequate rooftop).

3) Solar Lease Subscriber: These customers will want to lease their portion of the community solar array based on credit worthiness.

4) PayGo Subscribers: These are customers that want the benefits of solar but either do not have the means or desire to buy or lease the solar equipment. These customers have the option to participate in month-by-month subscrition agreements that are typically 10% less than their current energy bills.