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Turnkey Solar Solutions

Solar Nation has all the resources necessary to design, engineer, construct, and commission fully-integrated solar-electric solutions.

When you choose a solar electric system from Solar Nation, you’ll have peace of mind. Solar Nation takes care of the entire installation process from initial assessment through installation, testing, commissioning, monitoring, service and maintenance.


Solar Nation conducts site surveys and reviews energy usage to determine the specifications of the solar-electric system that is right for you. And with our specialized software, Solar Nation prepares detailed financials that take state and federal incentives into account and project utility savings, cash flow, and return on investment.

Forms and Applications

Solar Nation assists clients obtain incentives available for solar energy systems, handling all the necessary forms and paperwork. And Solar Nation helps clients obtain financing and can help you determine the ownership and financing options that are right for you.

Design and Engineering

Solar Nation has an experienced team of in-house engineers that will design and engineer a solar-electric system that meets your site-specific and financial needs. And we provide all necessary site specific mechanical and electrical drawings to permit and interconnect systems with the utility grid.


Solar Nation has the purchasing power to get the best components from the best manufacturers. Our procurement specialists work hand in hand with our engineers and suppliers and with our operations and installation teams to get the material that is needed, when it is needed, and at the right price.

Turnkey SolutionsInstallation

Solar Nation’s installation subsidiaries are licensed contractors and provide one-stop-shop design/build service. From zoning and permitting to testing, commissioning, service, and maintenance, Solar Nation installation does everything to get the job done.


Once your solar-electric system is ready to be placed in operation, a Solar Nation commissioning manager will work with the local utility to commission the system, summarizing test results in a commissioning report. The commissioning manager will also provide you with an owner’s manual, as-built plans, and other system documentation and will train your facilities management on system operation and monitoring. And Solar Nation’s corporate communications will help you publicize your success, providing photography and press-release support.

Monitoring, Service and Maintenance

After your solar-electric system is in operation, Solar Nation will be there to provide comprehensive operation and maintenance services under a Service and Maintenance Agreement and even operate the system itself should you not have a local facility manager. These services include routine cleaning, scanning, and inspection, as well as 24/7 monitoring that provides alert notification in the event your system ever underperforms.

How to Buy Solar
From initial assessment and discussions with your CPA, through installation, testing, commissioning, monitoring, service and maintenance, Solar Nation is with you every step of the way along the road to solar.

Solar Nation Vertical
Solar Nation's expertise covers the broad range of vertically integrated disciplines—including product development; manufacturing; licensing and distribution; electrical, mechanical, civil, and manufacturing engineering; energy regulation; finance; and commercial construction—necessary for the design, manufacture, distribution, installation, integration, and certification of solar-electric systems and solutions.


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