Welcome to SolarNation!

We are a non-profit committed to achieving effective, rewarding and responsible stewardship of our planet. Our goal is three-fold:

* To help communities generate power and realize energy cost-savings
* To support community organizing and mass education around the urgency of this issue
* To partner with communities on concrete, viable innovations reducing climate change.


Stopping climate change begins with us; and achieving fossil-free energy is within our reach! All around the globe, technologies are becoming available to move in this direction: Solar; Energy Efficiency; Smart Homes/Buildings; Energy Storage; Wind, Hydro, and Geothermal. Right now in the United States many of these options are possible within our own communities!

SolarNation’s initial focus is to develop COMMUNITY SOLAR – an accessible, high-impact approach that enables broad community benefit and participation. This provides opportunities for schools, community groups, local businesses, and elected officials to become actively engaged.

 SolarNation is currently working with local leadership in Chicago’s Ward 25 and Brooklyn’s State Senatorial District 21 – both areas comprised largely of people who will experience disproportionate impact and are therefore most vulnerable to climate change – to develop community solar installations on the rooftops of public institutions (such as schools, libraries and museums, government offices, public housing, etc.).

The diverse background of our leadership team aids our keen understanding of the complexities of these issues and links us with a broad array of partners.