Building A Solar Nation

SolarNation is a Benefit Corporation dedicated to raising widespread consciousness and concrete local actions that can collectively help prevent catastrophic climate change. Our strategy is to disseminate a user-friendly platform that supports and encourages communities everywhere to organize in order to crowdfund and install local community solar projects and mobilize leadership that supports more communities to do the same. Our hope is to accelerate an environmental movement that is already emerging.

To help build this movement, support local communities and drive traffic and interest to local actions, SolarNation is launching a web-based multimedia portal featuring writings, music, art, video that not only highlights our looming planetary climate crisis but more importantly celebrates our collective power to take action to create a sustainable future.

To get involved now, please send original submissions of poetry, essays, artwork, photography, music, video, along with a headshot and brief tweet answering the question “why am I becoming involved in this cause?” (less than 250 characters) to  Art submissions may be previously published but must be related to the environment, climate change or sustainability.

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