The Great Mirror – by Therése Halscheid

“Precarious Existence: Paddle Surfer” by Carlos Monteagudo, Photograph

“…because earth is a living being.


The Great Mirror
                        By Therése Halscheid

When it has had enough
of our thoughts,
the earth’s silence ends
and slowly
or suddenly
it forms
what we have been thinking.
This is how we learn of ourselves —
what emotions
we are made of
what has been stored
within us, all that
cold silence,
fiery anger,
flooding sorrow.
That pain….
The pain which comes
fastening itself to the world
that is too much sometimes
like what the dry heart does —
how rage becomes
the ground’s sudden quaking
and all those places of trembling dirt —
the landslides.
And of quiet spots,
our feelings are
that vast hush
with glistening meadows
the flowers there.

[“The Great Mirror” first appeared in Albatross and was reprinted in Awaken Consciousness Magazine and the author’s book Uncommon Geography.]

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