Brooklyn, NY

In District 21’s Flatbush Brooklyn neighborhood, NY State Senator Kevin Parker has established himself as a NY State energy planning leader, and among many accomplishments having drafted NY’s community solar legislation with the aim of helping the state become the second most important state for solar (ceding number 1 to California).

Senator Parker has been a visionary supporter of the SolarNation methodology as a way to bring the fruits of his legislative labor directly to his district.   He is a founding partner with SolarNation in its DOE’s “Solar In Your Community Challenge” project, a grant program designed to accelerate the growth of community solar business models nationwide, especially for underserved communities. With Senator Parker, SolarNation is an applicant for the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office grant program.

Senator Parker is now boldly endorsing a plan to commit NY Senate District 21 to become the first Zero Net Energy District in NYC.  He is unleashing the resources of his office to create a credible plan to an accelerated time frame to support this goal.

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