Why No Eats – by d.r. deutsch 6/17/15

“Magnolia” Oil on Canvas, by Carlos Monteagudo

“while teaching high school and then college students, I came to realize how important it is to make people aware of climate change and its consequences, as well as the need to change our behavior in order to save our planet.”

d.r. deutsch

                                  by d.r. deutsch 6/17/15

Hollow are the hills
Hollow is his heart
Why the seas no longer produce
Where have the droplets fled

What is the cause of caustic air
Defying us to breathe it in

Sludge are the rivers soapy green
Withered and blasted atomic corn

Trees no longer flower
Bees that have totally disappeared

Black soot instead of white snow
Covers the once fruited plain

Thirty four million dying chicks
Pigs float like bubbles downriver

Seven billion people all wanting more
We can’t sustain what we have
Much less the more

Temperatures are rising
The cricks are a drying

There is a new floating Pacific isle
But the glaciers slide down
And the seawater rises as
The tides finger inland
We can’t see the stars
Some people need to sleep in their cars.

Temperatures are rising
Storms are really bad
The sunsets are a blaze
They look like they could glaze
As we wander through the maze
Trying to stop this destruction
As we keep up the high construction.

Stop the world I want to get off
But where would I go
There isn’t a place that I know
We are stuck here with our
Coming starvation and thirst
If only we had put our planet first.

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